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Writer, Cat Momma, Bibliophile, lover of travel and vegan food.

Everyone seeks it, but how much is too much?

I’ve always considered myself to be fiercely independent and someone who derives deep joy and a need for individuality. Yet even though I am this independent, I have realized my pattern of needing validation. When a decision is made, I just want someone to tell me I made the right decision. When I’m feeling something, no matter how disassociative it might be, I want someone to hear me. When I’m going through something, whether wonderful or tough, I want others to be empathetic.

See me, I exist. Hear me, I exist.

Sharing could be a necessary component to human connection

I heard somewhere — don’t ask where because I’ve forgotten — that your life is not your own. It’s meant to be shared. This saying has been ringing in my head every so often for the past few weeks when thinking of my own innate privacy. So much of my life has been spent on a tight rope, constantly deciding what to share and what not to. I don’t know if anyone shares this unique problem, save for a few other unicorns out there.

When we share our milestones, goals, desires…

Are we all just being sanctimonious?

I’m not the only one who has experienced anxiety and stress when it comes to our society’s current and past scenarios of what we call “cancel culture.” It becomes all too easy nowadays for someone to be “canceled” from either language rooted in racism, misogyny, or homophobia; or actions that go against what a grand majority of people are fighting for. Personally, I found this inner turmoil to erupt all the more with the 2016 elections. …

Here are other things to consider

After the COVID pandemic began, I — like countless others — filled my time with things to keep me busy and distracted. One of them was a class from Coursera, arguably their most popular class, entitled “The Science of Well-Being”. The content is nothing necessarily new but provided much food for thought. Wonderfully, it connected to previous books and teachings I’ve come across time and time again eliciting the message that happiness is not a state of being.

If you listen intently, you can notice how often we use the word “happy” and how…

This story is nothing new. A woman recounting all the ways in which she has stumbled and crawled, sometimes kicking and screaming, to fight for her own bodily acceptance and love. It’s not just about weight, or the seemingly constant societal pressure to be a certain size. It’s about the in-betweens as well: how full your hair is, what size are your feet, is your skin glowing with health and vitality.

During the pandemic, I am undoubtedly not alone when I say one of the many challenges faced was another bout of body acceptance. Being at home affected my weight…

The awareness I had within friendships, was nothing like it is now.

There’s no doubt that 2020 has proven to be quite…difficult, to say the least. And with this difficulty, there have been tons of opportunities and experiences both welcomed and unwelcomed which allow us to self-reflect, grieve, reassess, and restart in a myriad of ways. Everyone’s experiences during this pandemic have been different and with that, I’ve learned a great deal about the idea of capacity.

Brought to my attention earlier this year (before the pandemic took place) sitting across my therapist at the time, she asked me a…

Even the little things you may not give yourself permission to.

Oftentimes and understandably so, we think of mourning and grieving as synonymous with the death of a loved one or the loss of a friendship or relationship. Either way, someone has exited your life and you mourn their loss. You mourn the vacant space which now exists. But what about when you make changes in your life, even for the better, and you suddenly find yourself missing that “old” you? And the funny part about life and emotions is that, it can be the simplest most silliest things you…

Privacy vs. secrecy. I think many times the two overlap or can get confused. However, the real distinction is that secrecy is hiding things away from the world and is seemingly covered in a residue of shame and guilt. Privacy, is a right we all have and can use in differing extents in a myriad of ways. It is not hiding anything, but rather keeping strong boundaries so as to not spill your own tea constantly — for lack of a better phrase.

I know many people who consider themselves to be “open books”. Not a fear in sight in…

Saying this two letter word is more powerful than we realize

This lesson of saying no is something a grand majority of us can relate on. There are many people out there who think thoroughly before making a decision, stand strong in those decisions, and move forward swimmingly. There are people out there who say no to favors and desires from others, simply because they do not want to or don’t feel like it. To those people I’ve mentioned — I’m envious of you. Teach me thy ways, oh Master.

Many people have these issues unless you’re Shonda Rhimes or…

We are tied to our smart devices and electronic cubes as if they will go out of style anytime soon. Constantly sharing pictures, videos, and announcements. We rarely keep anything to ourselves or within our own circles. They are posted for our 100, 250, 550, 1000 + followers to see. Before you can break the news to your friends that you visited a new restaurant or hung out with a coworker on Saturday night, they’ve already seen it on your feed.

So I ask the question, what is sacred anymore? Nothing feels completely ours. Experiences we can hold just to…

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